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What our Clients have said

Ann Machia

Johnson Matthey Catalysts, USA

“I actually have been talking your program and leadership concepts with JM staff and my previous employer (I spent several years at a leadership development company before joining JM).  I reached out to Ria Hawkins, president of Take Charge Consultants the moment I got back from your session to let her know that I just attended the best leadership experience of my career.”

Ross Spencer Duffy

managing director, Komodo Limited

“Wendy Lambourne is the epitome of Care and Growth leadership. In a world full of theories, Wendy is able to articulate, translate and guide the implementation of the Care and Growth model in a very practical and purposeful way. Having worked closely with Wendy to implement Care and Growth leadership across a large organization, and since then implemented the model in two other organizations, I can vouch for both the content and knowledge that Wendy brings to the table. This stuff works in the real world!”

Hendrik Koornhof

operations, Johnson Matthey Catalysts (UK)

“This leadership model has the potential to transform your organisation by transforming those who work there … the only reason why transformation is not attainable is a lack of courage.”

Theuns Botha

restaurant franchisee

“My success with my staff using your guidelines has given me the winning edge.”

Leonie van Tonder

former CEO, First National Bank Shared Services<

“Care and growth supplies managers with easily-applicable tools to do their jobs consistently well every time.”

Chris Walker

people and organisational development, Johnson Matthev Catalysts (UK)

“Makes you realise that there is a way to lead people without compromising values or beliefs.”

Graham Edwards

Managing Director, African Explosives Limited

“This approach unleashed a spirit of generosity and courage in our people that we would not have thought possible.”

“The simplicity and fundamental truths underpinning the Care and Growth Model hold true for both the work and personal lives of every human being.”

“The implementation of this Model has unleashed a spirit of generosity and courage in our people which we hitherto had not thought was possible.”

“To be honest, at first I thought that it would be a load of old codswallop, but the fact that you have to have accountability in there turned it from a soft and fluffy idea into a hard and effective one.”

“It is the human key to productivity improvement. It is inspiring and humbling.”